Primel Base Unit of Velocity: The ′Velocitel Edit

The base unit of velocity in Primel is the ′velocitel (abbreviation ′Veℓ) is derived by multiplying the ′accelerel, Primel's standard for Earth's gravity, by the ′timel (the ′hexciaday or ′jiff). This yields a velocity equivalent to 1 ′lengthel per ′timel:

′velocitel = ′accelerel × ′timel = ′lengthel / ′timel

This yields a velocity of exactly 0.283464d m/s, or 1.0204704d km/hr, or 0.93d ft/s; in other words, only slightly more than 1 km/hr, and even a fair approximation of 1 ft/s.

It should be noted that the ′velocitel is equivalent to each of the following:

1 ′morsel per ′jiff = 1 ′lengthel per ′timel
1 ′manipular per ′twinkling = 1 unqua′lengthel per unqua′timel
1 ′ulnaral per ′lull = 1 biqua′lengthel per biqua′timel
1 ′habital per ′trice = 1 triqua′lengthel per triqua′timel
1 ′stadial per ′breather = 1 quadqua′lengthel per quadqua′timel
1 ′dromal per ′dwell = 1 pentqua′lengthel per pentqua′timel
1 ′itineral per day = 1 hexqua′lengthel per hexqua′timel
1 ′regional per unquaday = 1 septqua′lengthel per septqua′timel
1 ′continental per biquaday = 1 octqua′lengthel per octqua′timel
1 ′orbital per triquaday = 1 ennqua′lengthel per ennqua′timel

Using auxiliary units, we can also equate the ′velocitel to the following:

1 ′pollical per ′flicker = 1 trina′lengthel per trina′timel
1 ′podial per ′beat = 1 trina-unqua′lengthel per trina-unqua′timel
1 ′chambral per ′verse = 1 trina-biqua′lengthel per trina-biqua′timel
1 ′colossal per ′passage = 1 trina-triqua′lengthel per trina-triqua′timel
1 ′turrial per ′bell = 1 trina-quadqua′lengthel per trina-quadqua′timel
1 ′kay-like per hour = 1 hexa-quadqua′lengthel per hexa-quadqua′timel
1 ′mile-like per ′dodrell = 1 ennea-quadqua′lengthel per ennea-quadqua′timel
1 ′parasangal per ′phase = 1 trina-pentqua′lengthel per trina-pentqua′timel
1 ′provincial per trinaday = 1 trina-hexqua′lengthel per trina-hexqua′timel
1 ′territorial per trina-unquaday = 1 trina-septqua′lengthel per trina-septqua′timel
1 ′quadrantal per trina-biquaday = 1 trina-octqua′lengthel per trina-octqua′timel

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